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What We Offer

We offer professional installation of garage epoxy floor coatings for residential and commercial clients. 


We transform the look and performance of your garage floor with a high quality and long-lasting epoxy floor coating.

We offer the ability for you to choose from your style of flake coating to mimic the look of a stylish granite garage floor.

Your new epoxy floor coating will be resistant to chemicals, abrasions, stains, and high traffic activity.  

No need for using chemical cleaners or high-pressure spray cleaners.  Dust, grime, and dirt is a breeze to clean with just a mop!

Customize the look of your new epoxy garage floor with the color and texture of your choice.

Your new professionally installed epoxy garage floor last years longer than a DIY installation.

We guarantee our work.  Length of guarantees depends on specifics of materials and project.  

you are less likely to slip and fall


Our skilled team will first clean and grind your existing concrete garage floor, exposing the porous material underneath.  This gets it ready to receive the next layer.  This step is crucial in a successful epoxy floor installation.  It ensures any cracks or holes are exposed and filled, and the concrete is in its best state to receive the epoxy coating.  This allows for a tight bonding of the epoxy to the concrete.  This produces long term durability and preventing of any cracking or peeling.  Most DIY epoxy flooring projects, lack this crucial step because they don’t have the equipment to properly grind the concrete to receive the epoxy layer

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The beautiful results of your new garage floor will benefit from a precise application of the epoxy layers and flakes to the prepared concrete.  Applying epoxy to the concrete floor can be tricky and is not like painting with a roller.  Our teams of local, licensed epoxy installation specialists will lay down the epoxy layer carefully and correctly.  This creates a smooth and sleek finish.  It is important to apply this layer evenly to create the smoothness needed.  The layering must be level and flat.  We will ensure you get the best installation possible. - Install Epoxy in your Floor



  • Finally, after the epoxy and flake layers are dry, we ensure it is clean and smooth before applying a top layer of polyaspartic clear coat, ensuring a smooth final finish to your beautiful new epoxy garage floor!  This layer, like the epoxy coating, takes only a few hours to dry.  You can begin putting items back into your garage the next day.   We suggest putting vehicles back in after 48 hours.  You will no doubt be very happy with the gorgeous, smooth, clean, and durable new garage floor!  

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