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Its easy to understand why an epoxy garage floor coating installed by experts is a popular choice for many homeowners.  With the ability to repair and upgrade your cracked and deteriorating concrete garage floor.  A professional installation of an epoxy garage floor coating will give your garage floor a gorgeous and strong finish that is easy to maintain. Who wouldn’t want that?  Your new garage flooring will have great insulation, appearance, will be easy to clean.  This extremely durable...

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Can I customize the appearance of my epoxy garage floor coating?  

Just like any other upgrade to your home, you will want as many choices as possible. DIY solutions offer only a limited number of shades, colors, and textures for your garage flooring.  When using an experienced team of epoxy flooring installation experts, you will have a much greater scope of design choices!  You can find a color and material that will suit your taste and style, making it suitable for your unique home.  A pro team of epoxy installation experts will offer you enough material...

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How much does a professional epoxy garage floor cost?

Most people who consider a DIY solution to their garage floor coating needs, do so because it will cost less money than having it professionally installed.  While a home DIY kit may cost hundreds, it will only last up to 5 years.  A professional installation may cost more per square foot, but the lasting result can be up to a lifetime.  The equipment and skills needed for the best results if you are looking for a truly lasting garage floor upgrade, can only be provided by a licensed...

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Why should you choose epoxy coating for your garage floor?

Epoxy garage floor coating is one of the best choices you can make to update your garage floor.  Most homes were built with a concrete garage floor.  These floors are susceptible to cracks and stains.  The appearance of a concrete slab garage floor deteriorates over time.  It can look ugly, unappealing and decrease the value of your home.  Having a professional epoxy garage floor coating installed is the best way to repair or prevent future damage to your garage floor.  It will make it...

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What is the difference between DIY and professional epoxy garage floor installation?

What is the difference between DIY and professional epoxy garage floor installation?   There are a lot of important differences when considering whether to install an epoxy garage flooring yourself or use a professional.  While you might save a few bucks doing it yourself, the result will only cost you in the long run because it won’t last as long.  The main difference in these two methods is the amount of material used as well as the equipment and skills of a professional team.  Many do...

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