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EpoxyMyFloors.com offers local, experienced, and licensed professional epoxy garage flooring installation experts.  We provide the best result to your garage floor upgrade for the money.  We use high-quality materials along with a skilled installation process that will give you the best residential epoxy garage floor results possible.  After prepping your garage floor, we apply a high-grade epoxy direct to your existing concrete.  This material fuses to the concrete, creating a tight bond.  This ensures pounds of moisture vapor blocking power!  The process we use will ensure your epoxy garage flooring will not crack or peel.  Whether you are looking to increase the value of your home or create a long-lasting sturdy garage flooring that can take a beating, EpoxyMyFloors.com can meet your needs, taste, and style!  


With many colors and textures to choose from, you can customize the look of your epoxy garage floor. Not only will your new garage floor look clean and sleek, but it will provide a high durability quality finish for years. Our high-grade epoxy garage flooring, creates a water-tight seal over your existing concrete, creating an easy to clean and durable surface that will stand the tests of time.  The process can be completed in only 2 days, so you can return your items back into your garage in no time at all!  Contact your local residential epoxy garage floor installer today for a free estimate!


You get many Benefits from your Epoxy Floors

Our services at EpoxyMyFloors.com offers many benefits, making it the right choice for your garage floors:

Multiple Choices:  With an abundance of colors and textures to choose from, you can customize the look of your new epoxy garage flooring to suit your style and taste.  

Durability:  Our high-quality materials and professional process for installing your epoxy flooring results in a tough, durable, easy to clean and modern finish to your home garage.

Fast Install:  Our fully licensed residential epoxy garage floor installers will lay down your new flooring in as little as 2 days!

Free Estimates:  Our expert designers will be happy to speak with you about your specific needs and how we can offer a truly customized epoxy garage floor experience to meet your budget and taste..


Why Epoxy?

Epoxy flooring can be an affordable way to upgrade and modernize your garage floor.  It only takes a couple of days to install, unlike many home upgrades available.  Using a local experienced, professional installation expert will result in a much better end-product. This will ensure the durability of your new garage floor.  Getting the garage floor of your dreams is easy, quick, and painless with EpoxyMyFloors.com.  Just contact us for a free consultation today and our expert designers will create a plan that suits your budget and style.  Our friendly customer service reps are waiting on standby!  If you have been wanting to do a garage floor makeover but don’t know where to start, contact us today for a free estimate

Why Floor fails?

Don’t be tempted to try a DIY Epoxy ‘paint’ on your garage floor.  This is not the same as a professional installation of an epoxy floor coating.  While you may save some money trying to re-imagine your garage floor on your own, you will not get the quality and durability that results in a real epoxy garage floor coating installation that EpoxyMyFloors.com can provide.  

 Most houses were built with concrete garage floors.  These look nice in the beginning but turn ugly after cracks and stains develop over time.  A DIY epoxy paint leaves much of the essential prep work needed for lasting results out. A professional installer will prep and grind the existing concrete.  This is an important step because it exposes the porous layer of the concrete and allows the epoxy to bind to the concrete.  This creates a strong seal.  This lengthens the lifespan of your new flooring and prevents cracking and peeling.  Store bough epoxy floor solutions, typically only offer a thin layer of epoxy, further shortening the length your coating will last.  With a professional installation, there will be thicker and more layers of actual epoxy, creating a very durable layer, giving you more bang for your buck.  Without grinding the concrete and filling in any cracks or gaps, your flooring will deteriorate much sooner than with a garage flooring installed by local licensed professionals like EpoxyMyFloors.com 

Epoxy: Your Best Option

Whether you are looking to spruce up your man cave or create a stronger more durable and visually attractive garage, investing in having your local residential epoxy garage floor installers do the job will save you in the long run.  The result will be a much longer lasting garage floor that is easy to clean and maintain.  Epoxy floor coating adds immense value to your home by creating a functional, beautiful, long-lasting appearance to your garage floor.  DIY installation of an epoxy garage floor may last up to 5 years, while a professional installation from EpoxyMyFloors.com can last from 20 years up to a lifetime.  Don’t risk a garage flooring result you don’t want because you don’t have the experience and tools of a licensed professional team.  Contact us today for a free estimate!


Professional epoxy floor installation with EpoxyMyFloors.com will transform the look and feel of your garage.


Customize the new look of your garage with an abundance of choices of many colors and textures to match your dream home. 


Save time and money in the long run by using a licensed, local, residential epoxy garage floor installer to get the job done right and have your garage flooring last for years to come.


Epoxy garage flooring is easy to clean without additional maintenance like waxing.  Your new floor will be resistant to chemicals, high traffic, stains, and vehicles.  


Installation is quick with only a 2-day process, you can move your items back into your garage in no time.

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